Finding a perfect job can be a lengthy process, and there’s no denying it. To make things easier for you, QA Analyst Training has compiled a few methods that could easily get you a job.


Google is an amazing platform that could easily find you the perfect companies. To find the best suited QA tester jobs. It would be best if you used the right search queries with the right tags. Google works on an algorithm that you must understand. If you write the perfect works with the best possible combination, it could get you the best results. Plus, always try different combinations of works. Like, don’t stick to “QA tester jobs in Chicago” Do try Chicago-based jobs for QA testers” You would be surprised by the results you will get.

Contact companies:

If you are searching for a QA tester job in Chicago, you should search for Chicago-based companies as well. Having an insight into Chicago-based companies could greatly help as it can provide you with the right job. It’s all about market analysis. You never know. 

You may find a job opening before everyone else. Now, this happens in only one case when you have an eye for the market. When searching in a specific region like this, you must not lose focus, leading to detracting from your main goal.

Furthermore, if you cannot find a QA tester jobs in Chicago regarding QA tester, reach out to companies via email or phone to see if they are looking to employ someone with your experience and qualifications. If a company is not actively recruiting for your role, you may not hear back from them, but they may keep you on file if a position becomes available in the future.

There is a big factor involved here. It’s the recruitment cost which companies avoid if they find the right person even before the recruitment drive, they will be more interested. So sometimes, reaching out to companies could help a lot.


It’s an amazing platform that could help you find the right jobs and the companies in Chicago. Moreover, in the past few years, LinkedIn has become more known by people as a more professional platform. In 2020 it was one of the most used applications for professional work and job searching. So we can safely say that LinkedIn is a suitable platform for jobs. Just as Google’s good search queries lead to success in finding the right job.

Moreover, if you have the right profile with the given location, LinkedIn notifies you. So you can apply for jobs easily. The steps to apply for jobs are easy. You have to upload your resume/cv one time and apply with one click for jobs.

Job fairs:

A job or career fair related to your fields could help you a lot as it’s a special event that aims to get companies and potential employees together to network and share information.

These events are organized by big firms looking to recruit many employees and fresh graduates for training programs. So it’s an amazing opportunity for you to get a job. Job fairs usually mention the companies on their organizing platform. It is advised that students should check it before attending. So it is easy to attend the job fairs regarding Chicago-based jobs, which could lead you to some great opportunities.