Software Testing is an approach to check whether the actual software product matches expectations. Furthermore, Does it meet the requirements? It involves executing software/system components using automated tools or manuals to assess one or more properties of interest. The purpose of software testing is to check bugs, errors, gaps, or missing requirements as someone new in software development. Students can benefit a lot from this training. Being a student, you can overcome the gaps in your applications. Moreover, Testing could help you become a better developer.

Why should students opt for Testing Training?

Students should be aware of the consequences that they have to face without proper Testing Training. Testing is crucial because software errors could cost serious losses for the company. Software bugs can also potentially cause human loss, and the past is full of such examples. Some of the examples are described below:

  • In 2015, the Bloomberg terminal in London faced an issue in its system, which crashed due to a software glitch that affected more than 300,000 traders on financial markets. It also forced the government to delay a three bn pound debt sale.
  • Nissan cars are known worldwide. They faced the same issue in the past. They had to recall over 1 million cars from the market due to software failure in the airbag sensory detectors. There have been two reported accidents due to this software failure.

Benefits of Software Testing: 

Here are the advantages of using software testing that all new students must know before developing software:


One of the major points why students should opt for software testing training is cost-effectiveness. Students opt for expensive solutions for their applications. Early identification helps remove the flaws, which helps you in the long term. It is one of the important benefits of software testing. Testing any IT project on time helps you to save your money for the long term. For example, if the bugs are identified in the earlier software testing stage. Fixing can be performed easily with less cost. 


Another reason for students to opt for software testing training is the security of the software. It is the most crucial point. Security can not be overlooked. One of the benefits of software testing is that it provides the product with extra safety. People are looking for authentic products as Testing helps remove bugs and problems earlier. Tested products become the number one choice for buyers. 

Product quality: 

Software testing improves the overall quality of the software, so every student must learn to use this properly. Product quality is a crucial requirement for software products, and Testing guarantees product quality improvement with every Testing.

Customer Satisfaction:

Many young developers, like fresh students, focus on development while neglecting the outcome. Now, this becomes a hurdle in their success. Software testing training could help remove it. The primary objective of any product is to give satisfaction to its users. UI/UX Testing makes sure the best user experience. After this Testing, students could better understand the application flaws, which could help them become a better developers of the application/software.

Types of Software Testing

Typically Testing is classified into three categories.

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing or Non-Functional Testing 
  • Maintenance (Regression and Maintenance)

Alternate Career Tracks as a Software Tester

Being a student, you should have an insight into the fields you can pursue after this training. If you have an understanding of software testing, you can pursue the following fields.

  • Automation Testing: As an Automation Tester, you will be in charge of automating manual test case execution, which could otherwise be time-consuming. Tools for Automation Testing are Silk performer, IBM Rational Robot, and QTP.
  • Performance Testing: As a performance tester, you will be in charge of checking application reactivity (time is taken to load, full load application can handle), etc. Tools for Performance Testing are WEBLoad, Loadrunner.
  • Business Analyst: A major benefit Testers have over Developers is that they have end-to-end business knowledge. 
  • For most testers, Business Analyst seems an obvious career progression. As a Business Analyst, you will be in charge of analyzing and evaluating your company’s business model and workflows. As a BA, you will incorporate these models and workflows with technology.


All students out there could benefit from Software Testing training as it saves them from serious losses that could occur in the future after the product’s development.