Selenium Automation Training Course

Selenium is considered one of the most popular web-based application testing tools. It enables QA automation engineers to write and automate testing software across a diversity of browsers and operating systems without any special language of scripting. Selenium automation testing training introduces selenium automation to new users, which covers installation, fundamentals, and features of tools. It’s specifically designed from basics to advanced so you don’t need any prerequisites here to start learning the Selenium automation course.

Slenium Automation Certification

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to use the Selenium automation tool from basics to automate web applications. This course will cover in detail all Selenium components, Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, as well as practical projects and case studies.

Who should take up this Selenium automation training course?

  • This course is suitable for software test engineers, QA engineers, software automation test engineers, QA managers, system analysts, administrators, and ETL and BI professionals.
  • For both software developers and fresh graduates who wish to pursue an automation testing career.

Selenium Training Course Curriculum

The Selenium Training Course should cover the following concepts.

  • Starting with Selenium
  • Features of Selenium
  • Deep Dive into Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Web driver Automation
  • Path Installation
  • Searching Elements
  • Advanced User Interactions and Cross Browser Testing
  • Introduction to TestNG Plugin
  • TestNG Terminologies
  • TestNG Data Providers
  • Maven Integration and Tool
  • Webdriver Sample Programs
  • JUNIT Operations and Test Framework
  • Object Repository
  • Test Data Management
  • Grid Concept in Selenium
  • Testing Mobile Application using Appium

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