QA Testing Training

QA Analyst Training Institute is the right place for anyone looking to gain new skills or find a new career in the IT field. Our quality and effective QA testing training are unparalleled. Our innovative training program help students start their careers with IT skills that are in high demand. QA Analyst Training institute offers a wide range of courses taught online or in a classroom setting.

QA Testing Training

Course Overview

In this course, our students enjoy the benefits of the helpful educational materials that the QA Training institute provides. We prepare students for a job in this course, they stand out from the list of applicants and are able to rapidly put those latest learned skills into practice at their workplace.

Who should take up this QA Training Course?

Our QA testing training course for beginners is a golden opportunity, those who are interested to learn software quality assurance testing from basic to advanced levels. Anyone who is new in the IT industry, and to increase their skills in software testing and want to start a career as a quality analyst this course is suitable for them.

QA Testing Training Course Curriculum

The QA Testing Training Course cover the following topics and concepts.

  • What is software testing and why is testing necessary?
  • Principles of Testing.
  • Testing Process and testing psychology.
  • Software Development Life cycle Models.
  • Test Levels and the Types of Testing.
  • Maintenance Testing.
  • Basics Static Testing.
  • Review Process.
  • Test Techniques Categories.
  • Black-box Test Techniques and White-box Test Techniques.
  • Experience-based Test Techniques.
  • Test Organization.
  • Test Planning and Estimation.
  • Test Monitoring and Control.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Risks analysis and Testing.
  • Defect Management.
  • Test tool considerations.
  • Use of testing tools effectively.

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