.Net Training

Even though .NET and Visual Studio are quite intuitive, there is still much to learn about the technology. Do you require assistance with C#? For example, what about design patterns, parallel programming, and dependency injection? At QA Analyst Training, there is a course for you. To get started right away, complete the registration form on our website. Study best practices and design patterns for Microsoft’s .NET Framework to take your skills as a .NET programmer to the next level.

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Course Overview

You’ll learn how to develop and deploy dependable Windows websites, online services, and mobile apps with our .NET training course. It is accomplished using technologies like ASP.NET MVC, C#, and Visual Basic.

Who Should Take Up This .Net Training Course?

  • New C#/.NET developers wanting to get a thorough understanding of the microservices building blocks
  • Experienced C#/.NET developers new to microservices who want to learn this modern architecture for their projects
  • Anyone who wants to learn. Even if you have never built an ASP.NET Core app.

.Net Training Course Curriculum

The .Net Training Course should cover the following topics:

  • JavaScript and Visual Studio
  • Creating a microservice via the .Net CLI
  • Introduction to REST API and DTOs
  • Basic WCF services
  • .Net Basics
  • LINQ
  • Web APIs
  • A reliable framework of the entity
  • SQL/TSQL server
  • C# programming
  • ASP.NET Development

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