Business System Analyst Training

Business System Analysis in understanding how the organization operates and the interrelationships between various systems such as tasks, people, jobs, structures, and other aspects. The Business System Analyst Training course teaches critical thinking skills, conceptual understanding, and best practice methodologies for identifying, analyzing, and properly specifying business and user requirements quickly and comprehensively.

Business Analyst Training

Course Overview

Business System Analyst helps business analysts and business systems analysts become more effective professionals. They establish relationships with business end-users, quickly find and assimilate in-depth business information, and critically assess and translate that knowledge into clear, exact, and specific business and user needs. It is, without a doubt, the most effective business system analyst training accessible.

Who Should Take Up This Business System Analyst Training Course?

  • Those new to the system analysis role
  • Experienced analysts looking to formalize their training
  • Non-information system person working with system analysts
  • Project Managers who want to improve their analysis skills

Business System Analyst Course Curriculum

The Business System Analyst Course should cover the following topics:

  • Business-to-IT communication
  • Managing projects and resources
  • Analyzing business needs
  • Assuring quality
  • Contextualizing business systems analysis
  • Analyzing the current business system
  • Recommending an alternate business system
  • Preparing to create a business needs specification
  • Modeling business processes
  • Modeling functional and systems architecture needs
  • Eliciting and communicating requirements
  • Modeling data and human system interface design
  • Facilitating change and innovation

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